Saturday, January 23, 2010

Basement Cat 
Hector is a LOL again.

Friend who left bag of smoked rabbit should know Hector just about stretched his eyeballs and neck out sniffing after the bag as I carried past.

He did NOT want little bits he could swallow (predators don't chew). He wanted a WHOLE BIG HUNK he could attack and shear with his back teeth.  He managed to scissor that big chunk in half and lick it all over.  Then he sat back, full of smoked rabbit grease and juices and looked happy.  Happy Basement Cat. 

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dcolb121 said...

At least he's showing appetite.

Holly's slowly wasting away too, but is eager for chow every am and pm. Her motor still works well and she sleeps on my pillow even when I'm not in bed.