Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hector's leaving
     These notes aren't really for you.  They're for us.
     He had a good dinner last night, then began to fade.  Last night he couldn't move any more, but he was breathing quietly.
     This morning, his heart rate is going up and down.  When I tried to re-adjust his head, he told me to stop it, that he was doing this himself.  He has begun to take the final deep gasps.
     19 years, doing whatever he wanted to do, and the last few being Top Cat with all the purr-ogatives.  He'll be buried in the back yard with Lina and Treat, lying together just as in this 1989 photo (Hector's the black guy, Treat the calico kitten, Lina the striped).  A fruit tree will be planted in the middle of their circle.
     We should all go so well. 
     He just left.  I've bathed him and the fancy funeral is later on, as soon as I dig the hole.  I'm the daughter and granddaughter of grave-diggers.  Explains my shoveling skills....


Miss Sandra Gordon said...

Oh, Donna. My most sincere condolences. He lived very well in your loving care. Thinking of you & crying for Hector.


Leanne said...

Oh, I'm so sad. I'm glad he got to be top of the heap even at the last: "don't turn my head, I got it, eh?!" He sounds like he had a wonderful send-off filled with love. Forgot the real milk, margarine and butter? Heck, did him up and fix that oversight! Now that is one treasured kitty.

Now he is feeling better, do take care of yourselves.

Me, too, crying.

Diana Kennedy said...

Most sincere condolences, I know how much that hurts. Still, at least he had a quiet passing. After all this time of intensive care, try to recover yourself. All my loving thoughts to you.