Wednesday, March 24, 2010

     God, I hate some religious people.
     I won't go into the whole discussion about slavery, tribal history, yada yada, but at one point, one of the people involved said:
     "That's why that tribe is all gone -- God got them."
      After I picked my jaw back up:  "What?"
     "For taking slaves.  He sent a tsunami.  The tide went out and all the women and men went down to gather clams and -- ."
     "You do know that's what tsunamis do?  The tide goes out?"
     "Yes, and it left only the old people and the children --."
     "I would be pretty careful about saying god got somebody for being bad, considering where we live.  You don't want to ask why he got you if a tsunami came in.  And as Americans, I don't think we should be pointing fingers about slavery."
     Let's just leave it at that.  I'm beginning to think we're living in the 1880's.  Wasn't that time for one of the Afghan wars, too? And the American South running amock trying to turn the clock back?  With the help of the nuttier of the religious orders?  It's hard to keep track sometimes.

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