Friday, March 05, 2010

Mussel Chowder
Just felt like wandering down to the reef and picking up a few small mussels for chowder. The big ones are too coarse; they're best for bait for greenling or lingcod.  Oddly enough, Dan doesn't like the mussels.  I find them rather yummy. This chowder also had onions, potatoes, golden beets, garlic, butter and soymilk (a bit sweeter than milk for cooking). You can see the little mussels in the broth.

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Miss Sandra Gordon said...

That looks so delicious. Didja fry up the mussels in the butter & garlic? I'm a bacon junkie & woulda chased the mussels through a quick fry with a coupla slices of bacon,plucked em out so they didn't get rubbery & toss em back in when yer stewing it up. Do you know...*shifty eyes*...there's people out in the world that don't like beets?! So crazy....*sigh* either way, so nomlicious!