Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My bees are really cold.  They're barely moving.  But THIS gives me hope.

I'll keep providing food and water and staying out of the hive.  I don't even know if the queen is alive.  Whether she is or not, I'm getting a new monarch from these guys this summer.

Start worrying about your little insects and I'll guarantee you, you'll stop being afraid of them.  All you can think of is how to keep the Girls alive.

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Glenn said...

The obvious, protect the hive from strong winds and try to have it where it gets direct sun. If this involves moving it now, don't; that confuses the bees. I've seen your place, not easy to do, I know.

One of the guys out here built a solid insulating foam cover for his hives. Worked. Inside dimensions about 1/4" bigger than the outside dimension of the hive, not counting the weather cover. It was basically a 5 sided foam box (i.e. all sides but the bottom) with a waterproof top to replace the weather cover. I think he keeps his hives on screen bottom boards.