Thursday, July 29, 2010

Being Stupid With Bees

Note:  just because we can trot out in our jammies at night to feed our gentle tame bees does NOT mean we can re-arrange a tower of Russian ferals in BARE FEET.

Quite sick, now.  Oh, look!  I'm allergic to bees!  Anybody wanna buy some hives?  With nice strong bees?  Rats.

A colleague says we comic book people are only good at doing comic books.  Nobody else is -- it's extremely difficult and demanding.  We're just not so good at anything else.

We'll see how long the chicken business lasts before I get some stupid infection or something.

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Glenn said...


Epi-pen. Bee suit. Swallow your pride, use a little protection, and keep the Russians. Yes, they're quite aggressive; so much so that I don't dare keep them yet. But they're very robust and excellent producers, and you already have an established colony. You may as well use what you have.
I'd love to take them off your hands, but I'd guess it'll be at least two years before I'm ready for them.
And my nice quiet Minnesotan Hygenics swarmed in June. I caught them and now have two active colonies when I only meant to have one...