Friday, November 19, 2010

Elk Heart

Our neighbor called and said her husband and his hunting partner had taken two elk, and did I want a heart?  DID I?  Rinsed off the beautiful red blood, sharpened up the ulu knife, slit out the tubes, put the heart on braise in the Dutch oven and took the discard to the beach (don't want to give eagles the idea they eat in this yard, picked up some water for sea salt while I was there). Pretty piece of meat, Ja?

The seagulls thought so!

Oh, and turned the heart into a lovely terrine.  Cats like it too!  Yes, we share.

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The Clark Family said...

I don't know why some folks give away fresh deer/elk heart or liver but I'm glad they give it to someone instead of tossing it! Fresh deer liver thin-sliced and sauteed with onion and served with a little mustard is divine!