Sunday, August 07, 2011

Frank Smith Totel Pole Before

(Since this post, it HAS been refurbished). Frank Smith's work is very recognizable -- I impressed a Port Angeles pawnshop store owner when I recognized a new piece in his store.  I'd recommend buying his art if you find it; the native art market is not going away, and it's not going to get any cheaper. 

The mall totem, originally commissioned by Clallam Bay's Olson family -- represents the Makah "crest" -- Thunderbird and man on a killer whale.  Or close, anyway (totem symbols are very personal; you have to ask the artist and the family that commissions it).

As you can see, the mini-mall is getting an upgrade by the owner, in preparation for the Sunsets West Co-op going in as anchor tenant (don't worry; the Quarter Store isn't going away.  Supposedly.  I take anything the co-op says with a grain of salt.  Heck, I take anything anybody tells me up here with a cup of salt; if they haven't got an agenda, they're rumor-mad; it's  a form of story-telling as sport).

The intent in the condition of the crest pole MIGHT be to allow it to age and decay naturally.  If not, it could use some refreshing.  Only by the artist, please, or permission of his family.

One of the artist's poles is in the harbor at Port Orchard, Washington.  Another in Bremerton, Washington, burnt when the apartment building it adorned went up in flames. 

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