Friday, August 17, 2012

Pillar Point Rape

Up here, historically, rumor wanders of the logging companies HATING the Pillar Point recreational area's trees because it was a knot in their rope of clear-cuts on Highway 112.

Well, a logging company managed to get it. This formerly beautiful tunnel of maples and conifers - a refuge to locals needing a break and shellfish and a growing number of tourists on their way to spend money on the west end - is just a crumble of stumps.

When the Scenic Route was launched, one of the logging company officials said to me, "We're going to use this to show people what a working forest looks like." As a reasonable person, I assumed he might mean that a compromise had been reached, in which some of the forest was worked while other parts were allowed for scenic - that is, tourism dollar - value.

112 was subjected to a full-blown clearcut attack. It looks like the Taliban has been here.

Note: The signs going up here are not only expensive, but they contain that phrase. This kind of print run - and others appearing on the peninsula - cost money. Whose?

The ripping down of Pillar Point's trees: Theft? State park staff collusion? What? Is it an attempt to damage the growing and sustainable tourist industry (or, as resource industries die - and they always do - the desperate historical urge to get the last bit squeezed out before the collapse?)?

Is this even in the local papers yet? Will it ever be?

Note: An Elwha tribal member reported that there are survivors of a logging company bulldozing of the river - making it unnavigable - and the homes of the Elwha river tribal community, while members were "in Port Angeles to go to a party." When asked why such a thing would have been done, the reply was, "To get rid of Indians."

Them's the reports, or at least the un-detailed and unatributed version I'm releasing now. Put 'em together as may be needed, and ask the pertinent parties the relevant questions.


Markus said...

Cut 'em down buys. The Chinese are buying everything they can get!

ManyTotems said...

Stupid sign says nothing of value. Working forest=working families?? For what 1 week? 2? Once the trees are gone there is no more work!! What a brain-dead concept. If whoever came up with this had a brain, he'd probably hurt himself!
A working forest is a living forest = tourism: hiking, camping, fishing, swimming = jobs! Renting boats, cabins, camp site fees, fishing licenses, guides for hikes, supplies for all those activities, not to mention the value of the plant and animal life as attractions.

Donna Barr said...

Well, logging and commercial fishing are a lot about ego and conquest, as is everything about my culture (yes, I'm of white European stock - and we have a hideous track record). It's part of the "I got mine" mind-set. And then when the grandkids are on the street selling drugs, we have to listen to the whining. Kinda tired of the whining.