Monday, May 27, 2013

I Hope It's Not Naughty

I hope it's not naughty....
Just some rocks found on the Clallam Bay beach. They sorta look like Chinese idiograms, to me, especially the one on the lower left.

Any Chinese friends can read these?

Have I got them all right-side-up? 



Julie Vaux said...

sorry donna but these are not chinese ideograms
i'ld say what they are is part of a so called tesellated pavement

some where further the coast a rock platform split and sediment of a differnet color filled the cracks then that rock platform got comepletely covered with sediment and the whole thing became solid rock again and then glaciation split up the rock platform followed by wave action and you got pebbles and rocks with very pretty streak of other colors thru them ...
now if you've found coins with chinese ideograms on the beach that might mean somewhere offshore is a shipwreck full of saleable antiques

Donna Barr said...

You.... think I actually thought these were man-made? PAY ATTENTION. GEEZE.