Sunday, August 18, 2013

There are Trees in Your Salad Dressing

OMG. Oh My fucking God.

Rayonier is admitting they're using trees to make salad dressing.

Watch the site video - they're grinding up trees for chemicals. It's over. Our forests are GONE.  No wonder the logging people say, "But But trees are just a crop, like CORN!"

No, CORN is a crop - and this is what the remainders of a corn harvest should be doing.

This is a Florida company. They're helping to knock down the Scenic Route on the Olympic Peninsula - in an Audubon area. Right next to towns.

And the people up here just meekly talk football or church or going to Seattle for the weekend, and say nothing as their futures are uprooted.

I've been trying to warn them for ten years now, and they just don't get it. Their KIDS do. I'm expecting them to take out the big Douglas Fir the kids have used for a tree-house. Why would this Florida Company fucking care? It's just more money to develop land for houses or cash hunting areas. Oh, yeah; they treat all the wildlife like a cash crop, the same as the fishing industry.

Meanwhile, the State Parks are de-funded. Huh. I wonder if Tim Eyman helped fund the big, expensive anti-park sign campaign along the scenic route?

Man, this is so looking like monkey business, more and more, I almost wonder why they don't have signs, "Bananas ahead; slippery."

All I know, I'm never touching commercially-mixed sauces or anything that MIGHT have a thickener or stabilizer in it, ever again. JESUS. Me go frow up now.

(I might as well have a tshirt that says, "I told you so.")

Jim Craig, over on Facebook, posted this:

Short sighted, lack of planning, Donna. Then, when all the resources are nearly gone and the logging jobs, fishing and related industries are suffering, they're going to blame the environmentalists who are fighting to keep the last few stands of trees alive.

I was in college when the whole spotted owl thing was first coming on the scene. I saw a truck with a bumper sticker that read, "I like spotted owls... fried!" When I snorted derisively, the driver asked, "You one of them environmentalists? You love birds more than people?"

We got in a big discussion about the recent mill closure, jobs, clear cutting and lumber mills when a barge with a Korean flag chugged down the Columbia with a huge raft of unprocessed logs in tow. I pointed and told the guy, "That's where your jobs are going. As long as Weyerhauser and Boise Cascade will sell their lumber to foreign countries rather than sending them processed goods, your job will be in jeopardy. And when there are no trees, it's going to suck for you AND the owls. If you're not an environmentalist, you're just sowing the seeds for your own demise."

He had a puzzled look on his face then said, "I never thought about it that way."

I replied, "No, you just never thought about it. If you had, this discussion wouldn't have happened and you wouldn't have that silly sticker on your truck."

Donna again: And tell me about it. One of the local women got on Facebook and used "environmentalist" as a sneering insult, and then started to chortle with her friends about how the real smell of the woods is burning wood and oil and diesel and the sound is chainsaws. These are what gave me PTSD as a kid. It's what their kids are going to call them to account for. No wonder the kids are on pills and meth up here, and committing suicide. Now watch the same people that hate us whining and screaming and complaining as they're shunted off to cities where they have to live on welfare or take three jobs in a place they hate.

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