Thursday, September 05, 2013

FutureFail - By Name.

Amanda Park says you don't live here.
Why should we leave any Olmpic Peninsula town out of the public shaming? 

Today is the turn of Amanda Park, Joyce, Clallam Bay and Hoquim - and Forks. Like you're fooling anybody.

Merrill and Ring says you don't get to enjoy living here.
They've certainly deserved it. Loggers all over the place are - in barely-disguised language - saying that anybody else who makes a living here off beauty and the future needs to bow down to the logger as the only person who deserves to live here. 

Rayonier - a Florida company - says "Screw you."
Greed, theft and short-sightedness are supposed to live, over beauty and hope?

Hoquim celebrates decades of destruction.
Oh, go to Forks for any festivals and watch them puffing up their chests over dead trees on trucks. The loggers hate the Twilight fandom - they absolutely hate hate hate that ANYBODY might make a living from health and air and beauty. Are they aliens from another planet? Do they breathe ammonia? Nature seems to scare the hell out of them. 

And here's Hoquim, all proud of itself for its traditional Masculine Roles - all based on Everything Is The Enemy and Everything MUST bow down to Our Superior Race. Bison, wolves, First Nations, forests, rivers, prairies - it was ALL put there for us to rape rape rape. What? I didn't make that up. I just had a woman at the food bank tell me we're supposed to have "Dominion" over the earth. She's going to get a fucking big surprise as her grandkids go under the stamping engine of Mom Nature - who is no gentle, giving parent, but a monstrous, integrated spaceship - and them what don't fit in get sent out the garbage chute. 

No, you're not going into the New Frontier of outer space - you can't keep the atmosphere going on this one. Hell, to keep shelter, food and water in place to survive, we all have to work ourselves to death now. In outer space, you and your grandkids will do nothing but fix vacuum links.

I plan to at least be one of the ones who say "We told you not to do this." No "Good German" for me, thank you.

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