Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wiping out Animals and Humans for Fun and Profit

Well, well, well. Thank you, 9th Life Hawaii.

It's official - the wiping out of wildlife, just because they're inconvenient to our every little spoiled-brat wishes. Check out this report. Warning; there are photos.

Here's who to contact:

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack's Email.

Deputy Administrator William H. Clay USDA APHIS - Wildlife Services - Email.

And never be afraid to contact The White House. Remember, this is a Squeaky Wheel Government - don't bitch about lobbyists if you won't stand up.

9th Life Hawaii wrote: "705,468 birds and mammals were murdered by the federal government in Hawaii from 2006-2011. No state is exempt from this massacre."

So get on your stick horse, look up Fish and Game or whatever we call these creatures we use and abuse, and find out what they're doing. Send emails. Send them the address of this blog, if nothing else. Cockroaches run from the light. Light a fire.

And it's "just" animals? Let's examine that.

Now for the daily chaos and screaming button:

To my Jewish friends; don't get your panties in a bunch, but what happened to you came from practice in this country, along with our eugenics studies, because we needed the excuse to do anything to anybody for commercial reasons. Those piles of buffalo skulls? You were next. If you were an animal in the eyes of your persecutors, we'd already warned you how we treated animals.

You Syrians gassed by your government (or wanna-be government)? You were just coyotes to people like us, who want a desert with no life in it, with no mouthful or movement or drop or breath or thought they can't control every single moment. We taught everybody how - hell, we SOLD everybody the nerve gas! And if not us, the Russians. Somebody out to make a buck with a mound of bodies, human or otherwise. The American Dream.

If you're Christian, Joshua ben Josef recited a formula: "I will be with you in my lifetime." + "I am in all things." + "As you do to the least of mine you do to me." = Everything on this planet is Jesus. According to this formula - and it's in your own holy book - that's Jesus in a leg-hold trap.

You're next.

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