Monday, October 21, 2013

The National Parks Are The Next Target

Here's my prediction:

Once the H.R. 1526 allows the Olympic Peninsula to be clearcut, the next step - by Republican lawmakers - will be to introduce a law - using precedent - about "forest health and communities" that demands the opening and clear-cutting of the National Park.

The Elwha better fight this because the river they fought so hard to free flows through it. 

The Makah and other fishing tribes had better fight it - carbon levels in the oceans will weaken the shells of copepods, one of the most important base planktons of small feeder-fish populations. 

The white population - with our evil history - well, there's no hope for us. A religion based on dominion has us by the throat, and we'll choke on it before we change. And then there will be whining, whining, whining, because the other half of that religion is dependence.

Once again, we have to say - if another nation had attacked our country like this, we'd be bombing their capitals, accusing them of "terrorism."

We know who to blame.

Speaking of "terrorism," the logging culture has turned the term "eco-terrorism" into meaning defending the ecosystem, leaving us nothing but words to fight them with.

No, wait, it hasn't - we have words, pictures and social media to reveal and report. Take photos, of everyone and everything, including mere workers. They're no less guilty than the soldiers given orders at Wounded Knee.

Your National Parks, no matter what State you're in, will be the next target. Wherever thoughtful ancestors set up a future for your grandchildren, the short-sighted will be unable to see what they're doing. They have no idea their own children will be threatened by the lowering oxygen rates. 

Think of them as Sylvester sitting on a branch, sawing it off as he licks his chops after Tweety Bird. Yeah, just that smart.

Oh, and look at what they call "old growth," in this last picture. What? Sixty years, maybe? They really do think that's a long time.

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