Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A Slap In The Face

After Rayonier came in and clearcut a neighborhood of this town, the library put up a pride stand about the Glory Days of Logging. What have I said about the library system being in the hands of the logging industry (and the newspapers, but we've already gone there).

Why don't they just put up a display about how we cleaned out all the bison? Or put all the natives on the reservations? Or drove the wolves up here to extinction?

Some other proud moments in our country's history. At least Germany has the decency to mourn what they did in their country.

Note: Almost all displays about logging brag about "taming the virgin forest." Can we say "Freudian Slip?" 

"Look! A long round thing - tree or whale, because that was the same attitude - bigger than my penis! I must humble and enslave it!"

They always brag about the girth of the tree they took down, too. They don't seem to know what they're displaying, there, do they? Whip it out and wave it around, why don't you?

Buffalo Bill Cody bragged about killing over 4,000 bison in a year. A German named Huelsdonk - back before Germans got a clue - up here was just proud as punch about helping destroy every last wolf up here - and taking government money to do it.

Well, this is being done near somebody who can connect the dots, and won't just hang her head and mutter about how bad this is.

America - you want to be the City on The Hill? Then straighten up. This is NOT good enough.

I asked one of the Librarians if she knew that the logging industry is heading for the same kind of lawsuits that straightened out tobacco, and that oil and coal deal and nerve gas deal with. Her reply, "I don't watch television."

I guess even when they don't watch Fox News, they think that's the only source. 

(New note: there must be some kind of backlash against the insane clearcutting, because all of a sudden the local papers are full of pro-logger events and "histories." And we all know from "Oh Brother Where Art thou," when white folks start talking about their "culture and history," they are usually up to no good, because we all know THOSE histories. Yup; they're having to propagandize in reaction. Including having somebody speak at the library about the Conservation Corps. I will bet you a Chinese dinner they work in how State Trust Lands are part of "conservation").

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