Thursday, October 17, 2013

Please Don't Shoot the Company In The Head

"Olympic National Park Closed;
will log to pay off National Debt."
I'm perfectly aware the editor of The Forks Forum posted this photo to set off controversy. They haven't had a good Logger vs. Somebody/Anybody fight since the glory days of Twilight.

The man has a name, but do we care who he is? Not really. Who he is isn't important; he's just a cipher employee of an industrial logging company, most of which have their corporate headquarters someplace across the country. I have his name, but why bother with him?

However, if I were a corporate lawyer for any of these companies, I'd be sending down a memo to maybe school the serfs about talking out of turn - or getting them themselves published doing it in the local newspapers. Yes, we all have freedom of information on our side - it's why I can use this photo, under the allowances of Fair Use. 

But if you were a corporate lawyers, and you saw - or knew about - the growing connection of what seems to be intent between the shutdown and finally destroying the hated national parks - wouldn't you want to ask your own people to be a little bit more careful about what they said or how they said it? Right out in public, where anybody could Chelsea Manning you?

If this photo doesn't show anything else, it shows intent. Then again, the Forum's earlier editor did hint that the last time Forks was flush was when the Park burned down and Forks loggers got to clear the wood. 

If nothing else, the information is here. Public. Available. Traceable. Maybe I can't prove anything - but somebody paid to do so, and very well paid, would be able to track the details. I'd be happy to help add nails to that coffin.

And so would this guy, evidently.

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