Friday, October 25, 2013

Religious Sneakery - and Karma

First, the Karma. Guy up here was trying to rescue a bee colony from a hemlock destroyed in a clearcut. Had to prepare the chunk of log with the colony in it until he could find transport.

Later, talking to him about the news story I was covering, we wandered off on Ted Turner's capitalist (but hopefully soon to get out of his hands) attempts to save the bison. I said now the cattle were dying on the planes, the bison Turner had collected might be able to get away from him, and start the Great Herd again. The first thing out of Mr. Sensitive Bee Man's mouth?

"It'll be open season!" 

Rather than commenting on a hunter's inability to see that, if a species recovers a LITTLE is not a good time to push it back into an endangered status, I'll describe the Karma:

He showed up a couple days later with transport for the hive - and discovered somebody else had torn his hive apart and was about to transport the torn-out comb to his own bee yard. Basically, the guy declared open season on HIM.  Grab-and-growl can come back and grab.

Religious controllers up here:

When speaking to two white (not necessarily the majority) elders at a church about the destruction of the community future by the loggers, the elders were already angry about it. But their pastor - the spiritual leader who stands up and prays at community lunches because evidently NOBODY but he can talk to God? - sat there with his head down, silent. Oh, did I poke at religion's ideas that the world belongs to Satan and deserves to be destroyed? Coward. Greedy coward.

And you New Agers don't get off the hook. When a guy came into town years ago, the first thing he said to me was, "We can cure grief and guilt." Anybody here want to pin a medal on me for not punching him in the face? A spiritual friend calls this a "drive-by psychic."

A couple days ago, when I was warning that the logging industry has opened up the back of the town to a tsunami, he grinned and said, "There will be no tsunamis." His reason? He pointed overhead, and said, "We have a connection to - " What? The ceiling? 

And then he added that he was "subservient" to that thing overhead. Being a woman and being expected to always shut up and sit down when the mens is speaking, my hackles went up. And then he asked me if I meditate - like an accusation that I was getting too angry.

Meditation, you moron, is a private thing. It's about preparing for the battle, not IGNORING it, or it is for those of us in the front lines of the war for our planet. It's NOT for asking a woman if she sits down and shuts up. Especially when you tell the people who hang out at your co-op that there will be no tsunami, and just trust in the imaginary. This is about real problems, real situations, not your fairy-tales.

Oh, and I've finally tracked down those panicky chem-trail stories. They're freaking out because they misinterpreted a story about how NASA was tracking electrical fields around the earth with lithium and barium. They all claim they've SEEN these chem-trails. So they HAVE amazing long-distance space vision? And a Tardis? 

Most of the tests were done in the '70's. Trails of the chemicals were drawn across the ionosphere to attempt to mark the earth's electrical fields. NASA was disappointed with the results, because the trails were very hard to photograph, even with their extremely sensitive cameras. Recent tests have yielded no better results, so NASA is trying to find a better way to map the basic fields. NO, humans cannot see these trails, no matter how good their eyes are.

I found this out because someone I was speaking to about the logging eco-terrorism distracted onto this story - spread by a local woman, who is trying to claim the "guv'ment" is not only spraying all the country and world with poisons, but that now the trees have to be cut down to "save" us all from the poisons. She claims to have "seen" the trails when she's being doing nothing but confusing condensation from jet engines. She's either a liar or a fool or just an ignoramus with a bad agenda - one or all.

While corporate and military organizations do pull all kinds of stupid crap, this isn't one of them. But in reading the stories, I found more mad made-up stories like - get this one - "Comet Ison caused the government shutdown!" On the one hand, go ahead, believe the fairy stories and your half-understood bits of science. They can't help not being able to understand, because America has destroyed its science education. I'd just ignore them as stupid and clueless as I have in the past but - now I've realized it's just more religious distraction. 

All these ideas are about making people panic about fake things when there are real things at stake. This isn't just tabloid silliness any more. This is conscious distraction and a decision to make the under-educated believe all science is junk. And this time it's going to be lethal in a way it's never had a chance before.

I am - right now, flat-out - accusing anyone in religion or corporate-stolen  politics mis-using science to distract and scare - of being guilty of murder. Of the planet, of you, of me. 

But nobody will be around to punish them. Unless you consider suicide from stupidity a death sentence. They'll just get a reward - from Darwin.

And we'll get that award, too, if we don't get to work. We have a choice - we're on the front lines to save and protect, or we've taken the 30 pieces of silver. 

If I hear those coins clinking in anyone's pocket, I'm making sure everybody hears it.


Julie Vaux said...

You know I googled your local churches lets say Google says Assembly of God and Church of Christ over in Sekiu and your nearest is American Presbyterian.OH Pentecostals and Calvinists not good? MMM where's the nearest Catholic church get them to show up local protestants by holding a Blessing of the Animals on St Francis' Day ?

I guess its too much to hope any of your local calvinists have read Francis Schaeffer a swiss protestant theologian and pro green?

Donna Barr said...

Honey, you can't defend fairy-tales when they're used for politics. It's what the fight is about in this country. How are things in yours?