Monday, November 04, 2013

Warning to the Logging Industry

I'm not allowed anyplace near a clearcut, because not even reporters are. The logging, oil, mining and other eco-net-destruction industries keep even professional reporters away, and threaten them, worldwide, as they try to report on ongoing ecological disasters.

The clearcut is creeping closer to us. So here's the promise of what I will do. If any judge asks me what I'm doing, the reason "guilty" nor "not guilty" but "self defense." 

1. I will need tranquilizers to fight nerve damage. I have nerve gas damage from the army, and the realization of what this clearcut will do to my future health - and the health of this whole area, human and animal - is impinging on my health.

2. The local real-estate person thinks the loss of the forest will have no effect on my real-estate values. Maybe not, but she only sells to local people - and as their jobs disappear because of the ecological destruction, they won't be able to afford to buy here, or anyplace - and how to sell to more knowledgeable people who won't be fooled by the logging industry's excuses?

3.  I'll have to take this to court, even if it's only a small-claims court. I will lose, no doubt, because the area is owned by these industries. But I can begin the process of showing people how to do it.

4. If the Olympic National Park is torched, I'm going to make sure the authorities know the Forks Forum constantly described the profits made in the logging area, the last time the park area burned. Of course there's freedom of the press - but there's also reckless endangerment. Prosecutable? Perhaps only in the court of public opinion. And that doesn't have any access to eyeballs all over Facebook, does it?

5. If H.R. 1526 is used to cut down the National park, under the excuse of "community and forest health" - both of them specious - and any of you whine and moan about it, I'm going to "I told you so!" too. 

This goes for any organization that didn't try to stop it, Wild Olympics, the Elwha tribe, whoever. We let 'em get away with this, this time - fuck all of us. 

Why not? We're fucked anyway. I'm tired of hearing people blame kids for hanging out on the net all day when the poor kids don't have the oxygen levels we did. Wake up.

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