Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Good stuff and bad stuff

Good stuff first! I'd like to thank County Commissioner Mike Doherty and various other parts of Clallam County and the Bus system for fixing a problem that could have gotten very nasty. Okay, this is just a small problem, but hey, it shows how things can get done.

This problem was bearable, but as gas prices go up and the busses become truly packed day after day, it was getting not just horrid, but dangerous. 

Admittedly, I used scare tactics: "The Sappho bus stop - after an hour on the bus, everybody who has to make the next bus connection between Forks, Port Angeles and Clallam Bay is filling up the woods nearby with human waste! We have many foreign travelers now - we could have cholera or typhoid!"

Which, I know, is over the top, and I did it on purpose. But it's true.

Mike emailed that he'd started talking to the county, and they'd come up with a $15,000 estimate for a pit toilet. They'd be working on it.

BUT - when I rode the bus last time, there was a porta-potty at the park-and-ride.

So thank you for whoever was involved to help keep the woods clean and people from getting sick.

And to the bus-drivers, whom I have seen wedge a moment into their tight transfer schedule to let people use the toilet.

it's just a little thing - but we have a very responsive county government, and it listens. Thank you, folks!


Now for the bad - let's just put up the Times Magazine Cover

Cartoons speak for themselves. So here's my comment. I didn't color it or nothing. 

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