Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Somebody's Watching

The other day on Facebook - trying to get caffeinated, again - I snorted about a recent story: "I'll bet a Chinese dinner there's a clearcut in there somewhere."

Some journalist (a real one) must be watching my feed:

Before the blatting about "Oh, that's not a good study!" starts, people are showing up on Facebook bitching about how the logging companies are treating them like collateral damage. Study THAT.

The local paper that's supporting this mess? Prediction: it's going to end up being one of those local-color handouts you get at the restaurant where the stuffed elk head - full of chemicals and godlets-know-WHAT parasites - hangs over your food. 

So far its editorial page has collapsed into two versions of - probably unpaid - Erma Bombecks, and photos of logging truck "convoys" that the dumbest of the locals are so excited about. One of them was going on about how the town gets no respect, and how some logger gave toys or something to kids (what? You thought I was going to read this stuff in DETAIL?).

Of COURSE he did. Industrial resource-rippers think they're the POINT, and only care for their own. As soon as the corporations get every last bit of what they came for any pump the resulting cash into overseas accounts, wait for the whining - these people care for nothing but themselves and their immediate circle. They're beginning to realize they might NOT be the good guys - and the horrible history of environmental mistreatment in the forestry industry is coming out of the dark into the light where everybody can see it. No stuffed animals - originally alive or not - are going to save that.

Hey, dancing around waving in ecstasy at bad leaders ended up with the Germans having to hang their heads over and admit their pasts, too. Bad is bad. 

And that wetland the local doofus clearcut? There's skunk cabbage up in it.
Garbage minds at work.
Might be the right timing to send that to somebody, and see if we can get his ass fined for watershed damage. Let him stick to putting fences up around a big chunk of downtown and filling it with crap, while the best the locals can do in protest is help the kids put fish art on the fence.

We no sooner get rid of one garbage-head, than we get another one. Lord, this is like that episode of Stinz, about the spite fences. I live in a comic book, I swear.

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