Sunday, July 13, 2014

Logging Camp Whores and Live Trolls

Wow. I got a live troll - spouting the right-wing Facebook arguments, like he was reading it from an online script - complaining that in this blog I'd called the wives of loggers "whores."

My dears, NO feminist would use the word "whore" as an insult for women; sex workers need a union.

Just as no lefty would call a Vietnam vet a "druggie." Please. We've finally gotten on the way to legalizing marijuana.

However - I DID quote a person who fifty years ago was a victim of the logging industry bullies. SHE was the one who called the old gang "Logging Camp Whores." (Well, she IS a church-goin' woman. They DO use the word "whore" as an insult, because that's the way their system works.)

I was just reporting some interesting and spicy language from one of your own abused. Sooner or later, bullies get theirs.

The troll, by the way, admitted he'd been listening to predictions of the end of the world for 50 years. Fifty years we've been trying to tell these morons, and they're bragging about being short-sighted?

Oh, well. I guess they'll just have to feel. How's the weather out where you are?

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