Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Stockholm Syndrome in the Forest

Oh, NOW I get it.

Why the local population says nothing about the destruction of their parks, the clearcuts, the pumping out of all the money overseas as the forests are scarred.

Stockholm Syndrome.

I know, because I'm starting to do it myself. I "expect" my favorite groves to be flattened, and if they're not, I expect them to be ruined next year, so some guy can have more condos in France or Poland, and so the Chinese have something to ship goods to us on. I am beginning to pretend the alder/big-leaf maple, fir groves are okay, even though they're just green bandages.

Is this what the logging companies mean by "We're going to show those City Folks what a Scenic Route LOOKS like!" ?

Now I'm not mad at the locals as cowards or greedheads or fools. They're damaged. They're trapped. They HAVE to lie to themselves, and pretend this is all right.

I'm not going to try to compare them to women trying to raise kids in a war zone - but the blind eyes walking by a flattened campground, as the privatizers destroy our national legacy - are the eyes of the broken and defeated. 

THAT's that look. I've never seen it before. And it hurts. My god, and they raise whole generations in that pain and defeat and self-delusion?

What pain. More than the forests and animals - what helpless, disabled, human pain.

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