Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Self-Employment Galore!

Solar "meeting" at the Sunsets West Co-op: Initials KM actually posted the meeting at the post office and co-op - and even though it was only she and I there, she'd been researching on the net, brought a list of questions, and LISTENED to me. She was finishing my sentences. Over hot cups of chai, and in the course of the meeting, she learned how solar doesn't have to cost the price of a small house, and how it's best we don't hook into PUD. If the power goes out up to 8 times a year up here, we need batteries. 

I have the small-solar contact shop lined up: Anchor Marine, down in Port Angeles. It's a boat and RV shop. Of course, they already understand small solar. Ask for Eric.

Then we started discussing diagrams, and how much less it would cost her to find and build the parts. Which moved on to her finding and building the parts for other people - and - voila! - she creates her own job.

This would be at the dinky level. Unlike installing wood stoves, you're not going to kill yourself with a couple of batteries and solar panels, and some small 12-volt appliances or an inverter. You might startle yourself, but you're not going to burn down your house. Not if you have a lick of sense (and there are people up here who can blow themselves up making budder, so THINK).

How to not freak out PUD: remind them they could be the bulk near-cost supplier for parts for small solar builders and householders. It's the future - might as well make like a Boy Scout ("be prepared," not "despise gay people").

I might have launched the West End's first small-off-grid solar builder. Cross your fingers! Note: we agreed I'd not be part of any formed groups, because then, due to conflict of interest, I couldn't report to the papers. But I'll teach her and anybody else how to write press releases.

Now if I can just launch the person who will start ripping out car engines and replacing them with batteries for full electrical. If anybody can do it, it's this gang. Self-employment galore.

Note on Tesla: I think it's Arizona - or one of them thar western states - that has brought in Tesla for full electrical auto production - but lured 'em by loading the taxes they should be paying onto the citizenry.

WE, of course, know what happens when Boeing doesn't pay its taxes - everything falls apart. To our utter shame, we even lose our parks. And sell our forests to overseas hedge funds.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Butts About to Be Bitten

You know, I tried to leave you to your own devices, but I guess I don't get to do that.

I've been cornered by somebody who knows all about a local person who has been cutting timber in riparian areas, other people's property, and even cutting down an eagle tree. 

According to what's being said, somebody in Clallam County Government knew and did nothing about it. The person who came to me has your name.

Because cutting timber in flow areas could be contributing to road damage, and you never know if a car is going to go over - all of you had better hope a car doesn't go over the edge and kill somebody.

As it is, the road damage is going to probably make it necessary to move the road back. Into the clearcut property. Eminent Domain for the Greater Good. Screaming and the beating of breasts, but nothing to be done about it. Pointing and laughing.

Against my will, I think I may have fired up and begun to teach somebody a lot more involved in this community. An Aries born in the Year Of The Dog has horns and teeth.

It's a long worm has no turning. 

Monday, December 01, 2014

"Eco-Terrorist" on the Right Forehead.

New Year's Resolution: to paste the term "Eco-Terrorist" back onto the forehead of logging companies, newspapers owned by logging companies, bushmeating companies, ranchers and farmers who use our money to destroy wildlife and rivers, and anybody who thinks killing things is "fun," or life is to be "harvested." Carl Hiaasen can help. I wish I had an emoticon for "barracuda."