Tuesday, July 05, 2016

2016 Neah Bay Fireworks

Neah Bay, Washington: Amerexit fireworks AMAZING. Had the BEST frybread ever, now Pat's is out of their little trailer and now have their own little shop.

Fireworks were hilarious. The beach fireworks had gotten really wild. The main guys shot off traditional shots, about ten of 'em, and it was hard to tell from the kids' fireworks, which seemed the same size because they were closer. People were saying, "Have they started? Is that them?"

Then, the professionals cracked their knuckles and said, "Okay, amateurs, watch THIS." The mad moment - about five of 'em - was really all there was, and the last one rained down all over us and Front Street like a giant silver octopus. We were all screaming in terror and joy. People were speaking squeaky for a about five minutes, gasping and giggling. Best. Practical. Joke. Ever.

There are probably videos of these fireworks on YouTube. I just sat and enjoyed.

Note: Neah Bay keeps fireworks on the beach, away from the rest of the town or wildlife. Well, except for eagles that grew up with them and sit in the trees and watch. Stupid people around here blowing off M-80's and stuff last year got fireworks banned this year. Drunken Sailors, of course (my word for White People). Making New Law because somebody had to be stupid and selfish, and ruining it for everybody.

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