Wednesday, July 25, 2018


(I had to add to this article when I told a trans thread that we need to make sure transmen note that they are "born female" in medical, airline, etc., situations, because using the male-majority form of medicine for anesthesia or heart attacks can KILL a woman body. The decorative outer bits can be fooled with, but the Tinkertoys {internal organ systems} remain the same. You can carve out your uterus, but your heart will beat the same. The response I got from the thread? "I'm not a trans man." Practically code for, "I don't care about women, no matter WHO they are, even if they're transbrothers, and they're lives are endangered." Talk about male privilege. I've even seen transmen going to pieces over menstruating - is this also based in a horror of the female? We have hearts and minds that may TRULY be one gender or another, but unless we address the hardware - and what the hell it will insist on doing, blood or beard, regardless of our true feelings - there will be a lot more misery.)

 I didn't believe trans people were attacking women. I still don't believe it.

But - Lesbians run out of Pride Parade and HURT for being proud of being Lesbian? Women doxxed, threatened with death, rape and dismemberment? By a gang that uses that idiot TERF term to scoop in MRA search engines to pile on and start attacking women? (These attacks are alerting a lot of women outside the GBT community to the abuse, and they're horrified. Kinda backfired, huh?)

What. The. Holy. Fuck??

The transladies I know are sweet, busy and beautiful. Who the hell are these rotten people trying to take their place as the voice of claiming your own body?

I'll tell you who - ball boys in a dress. Do they really think they get to pull the same old macho bullshit on women they pulled before they learned how to use makeup? They've always wanted to make us disappear - and now they eplace us as "Woman of the Year."

I first ran into this personally last year when I said on Facebook, "Stop calling me cis." And what showed up? An angry transman and her MALE SIDEKICK. I don't know if the sidekick was gay or not. Robin was just as nasty and full of himself as Batman. Because the GBT community has kind of dropped the balls on this one (pun intended). I will agree that transboy was a man - he macho'd up on me like a real one. Because the first rule of being a REAL MAN is to keep a woman under control.

I'm using GBT instead of LGBT because you guys just - to paraphrase To Wong Fu - lost all your princess points.

Is it really ever a good idea to alert me to a problem? So the two of them can be blocked together. But I didn't do much more, because I figured women and trans would keep defending each other. How dumb am I, huh?

And now, before anything else happens, let's get into terminology. 

What the hell makes you ballboys think you have the right to call women by another damn label? And we don't get to control it? Well why shouldn't you - you do it in all the languages. It isn't enough that in Anglo Saxon "women" already means "Pot-belly people." Which - thank you language-geek friends - supposedly means "people who get pregnant." Oh, no, not your basic human being. "People who get pregnant." 

"PEOPLE WITH A UTERUS." Sound familiar?

People who have babies in their stomachs - because men have always thought the baby comes out of the "stomach." And invented cults that hate women and our reproductive systems SO MUCH they controlled our language to the point that even the pregnant tell the other kids that "Mommy has a little brother in her stomach." When they're not freaking out because women use tits to feed baby, instead of using them to be there for the ballboys every moment of the day.

Yeah, we've been down this road before. "All MEN are created equal." Don't think you're kidding us with claiming that means "ALL human beings." Not a lot of voting for women when that document was written. You BB's are not fooling anyone.

I have watched, flabbergasted, as the people who should be the allies of women because we're targeted for the very same reason - women's reproductive systems - attacking women, denying our reproductive capability - 


So let's talk about that. First of all - Stonewall. Yes, that is an important event. We can never emphasize how important. 

But -

Transwomen were fighting laws that had been put in place to KEEP WOMEN DRESSED THE WAY SOCIETY DEMANDED.

I'm one of the girls who protested at my high school to be allowed to wear warm, comfortable trousers, instead of chilly dresses, with the expensive panty hose. The laws were written to control women. WE had to wear at least "three pieces of female dress." Bras. Dresses. FUCKING GODDAMN HIGH HEELS. I admire the hell out of the Drag Queens that do ALL of the Seattle Pride parade - but imagine having to wear that shit all the time, working, shopping, driving - not just clubbing or showing off on a runway? Imagine HAVING NO CHOICE AT ALL? No wonder the kids are saying "fuck these costumes" and basically went unisex, with flat shoes, leggings or jeans, a top and a hoodie. THEY get it. I KNOW I'm talking to older idiots.

So, yes, Stonewall MUST be recognized for demanding that cops don't get to beat on LGBT just for being who they are, or dressing the way they want, as we all should have the right to. But the journey of women to start that fight for everybody must not be forgotten or denied. 

We're in this together. The day the Right Wing makes all women Handmaids - and they're trying to - is the day all the transpeople will be left with no protection at all. There's no use asking men, gay or straight - they despise women, all of them. And if you're a guy who thinks you don't, once I post this link on Facebook, I will bet eggrolls at least two of you jump in to be the ones to redefine and in control of the the situation. 

Oh, that's right, nobody takes my eggroll bets any more, because they're sucker bets.

And now we come to some more Fancy Chinese Food subjects:

My hypotheses that there is no such thing as a male.

Can I prove this? Not going to try. Just throwing it out there. Starting with traditional terminology.

"Females" are the original DNA-carrying single-cell animal. "Males" are viruses searching to replicate a useless Y.

Over millions of years, the fight went on, until the "female" hijacked the "male" to help spread her DNA load. "He" doesn't have any.

We all start as "female" - with the capability of a full reproductive construction. But if the foetus has a Y, mom detects the parasite, and removes the reproductive capability, turning a full "female" into a kind of walking DNA spreader, with only two glands and a meat tube.

The exterior glands in "male" mammals look like a case of "Go home evolution, you're drunk." If it's not lethal, a poor system will continue to develop. The use of the DNA spreader alone to hook up the DNA looks like GHEYD to me. A lot of fish and mollusks work with more flexibility, but mammals are really a bunch of 19th-century buildings with bad wiring. No wonder the dinosaurs outperformed us.

True? Who the hell knows. It just feels like GHEYD, in so many ways.

So I've decided that EVERYBODY is "Sis" and "She." I was tempted to do a "She"/"she division between full females and half females, but no - I'm being nice. You're all Sis. La la la.

Including the wonderful drag queens. I think they know they're doing a clown version of women. I love clowns - as traditional death figures. Death is very much a woman's goddess. We need to recognize and deal with her the first time we face The Blood. But - any drag queen who tells a "female" drag queen she's doing "blackface" is obviously out of touch. A Boy In A Dress. And needs to stop touching black girls' hair.

So there, have fun. I'm not going to argue - I'm just going to share this link. Deny MY journey in any way, and I'm just using the link. If the best trans you can do is an angry 14-yea-old mean girl and her football quarterback boyfriend, you need a time out. Coach will tell you when you get to come back out on the floor with the NICE girls.