Sunday, June 20, 2004


There's this BIG dog in our neighborhood.

I'm talking BIG. A big pale malemute bitch, with a neck you need both arms to encircle, and fur two inches deep, so thick she never gets anything but the surface wet in the rain. This dog has a neck and body like a bull. You have never seen such a big dog.

And we're really happy that what she wants to do with people is talk and grin and lick your face and roll over and get her belly rubbed and sleep on the blanket next to you.

Cuz if this dog ever got mad...

She has this horrible wolf grin -- and I remember one night when I heard her weird cross between wolf mumbles and Japanese war talk behind me, and turned around in the dark to see her approaching with her huge head low, and those horrible snaggly white teeth gnashing at me -- -and her tail wagging. I just about had heart seizure.

That's what she does. It's her idea of how to say, "Hi! Nice to see you! I'm a cute puppy! Pet me!" I honestly think she believes that she's a dear little lapdog, and is a little confused that she can't get crawl into a person's arms. She was probably a lap-puppy.

Yesterday when we were lying down, here comes this massive buffalo of a malamute swaying into the yard with that huge head directed at us, ears back, mumbling and gnashing. Until she came up and licked me all over my face.

We're REALLY happy she's such a nice gentle dog.

And that she's so clean and has clean breath.

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