Sunday, December 19, 2004

Back At The Beach

Sat quietly on the beach and let a fish fight it out with my line -- until it finally bent the hook in half. My fish stories have evidence. I was kinda glad it got away. I was sitting there with the pole stuck in the ground, just watching the end tremble and jerk now and again, and reeling in when I could. Imagine cleaning that thing.

I guess I'm going to get my short ocean pole down there. I hate my ocean pole -- too stiff, very hard to cast. But it's got 80-Lb. test on it, and I have some huge hooks and weights. Maybe I just need to learn to cast with it.

I've gotten to the point where I can go get greenling or perch like I'm going to the store to get a pint of milk -- we've plenty of frozen and pickled fish, now -- now I'm wanting to duke it out with the big guys. These are predators. And they'll have a lot of meat. Worth smoking.

By the way, pickled greenling is really good. And now I'm salt/sugar curing
a jar-full.

I'm glad it's raining today -- I can work on my art instead of listening to the siren call of the fish! The fishing is a challenge -- after 45 years, the art is -- just art. Breathing isn't very interesting.

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