Sunday, March 13, 2005


Doing layout for the next book AND smoking salmon out in the cinderblock pit at the end of the driveway. Technohick again. Over bits of driftwood. It's not very good salmon -- pretty much spawned out -- but anything's good when you smoke it.

Dan's at the beach, reading a Tony Hillerman mystery.

So any of you out there who are supposed to have gorgeous sunny weather, and are wondering who stole it -- we did.

We are going to have such a drought this summer. Everybody is out on the beach or in the woods or otherwise enjoying the sun -- and every last person is saying, "Oh, man, are we going to be in trouble this summer. There is going to be no water in the reservoirs."

I hear San Diego has our rain. Please send it home.

A reader sent me a godawful huge surf pole -- now I'm itching to go try it on something. I dunno what. What comes into the surf that could be this big? Most of our big fish are out in the deep holes -- and I don't have a boat. Not that I really need or want one. But if somebody ever wants me to go along on a fishing trip, I have a pole!

Been out riding with Teresa on Lightning again. That boy is getting into shape. No more sweating and wheezing just because he walked up the hills too fast. Lots of deer out in the woods right now.

Oh, if you need to ask about local herbal medicine or food plants, go to Ed Wilbur's been studying our woods for decades. He does walks and tours and lectures, too -- you have to email him to ask for a schedule at The guy knows everything.

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