Thursday, November 17, 2005

Maybe we should get them Safeway cards.

WISH I'd had my camera today. Guy had shot a 7-foot female cougar and she was lying in the back of his truck.

Of course I had to go pet. Cats are my totem animal. Some other guys were gathered around the truck. While I was petting her, I asked: "So what do you do with a cougar?"

A young guy said, "They eat real good." (He was petting her, too).

Another young guy said, "They jerk good, too."

And then another guy said, to the first young guy who was petting: "She ain't gonna feel your affection!" To me he said, "They eat a lot of animals."

I said, "Well, they can't go to Safeway."

The second young guy said, "And they would get children, too."

I can understand killing any animal to eat or use the hide -- circle of life and all -- but I don't understand sports. If you're going to KILL something, tell me you did it to eat it or because you were cold. Don't be making excuses because you just wanted to shoot it. I don't catch-and-release fish, because let's face it, there are kids on the beach, and teaching kids to torment animals for the fun of it is just asking for future trouble -- you can end up being one of the animals.

And I thought cougars were a lot bigger than THAT. If this is a big one, they're really kind of small.

When I got home and let the cats smell my hands they had no reaction. Which was a surprise to me.

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