Friday, November 26, 2010

Soybean City (Who needs a goat?)

Betsy the woodstove (named after my Dad's green dodge coupe in the '50's) hard at work on tofu, soymilk and sea salt.

No, we don't let all that crap stay on her. She gets blacked every couple of months, and wiped down when she's cold.

I've never been able to make really good tofu before I began making my own sea-salt.  See how nicely it's curdling?  It's supposed to look like Clouds In A Golden Sky, and it does.

All the soy cooking isn't that difficult.  I make the tofu and the soy out of  one batch of beans. The tofu is made with the first, rich wash of ground soybeans; the soymilk is made with the second. 

I'm an insomniac, but a cup of soymilk whenever I can't sleep sends me right off.

The ground lees go partially into baking, part to the hens, who gobble the white lumps, rich in calcium and protein, like candy.

The yellow whey goes into the dishwater, where it cuts grease, and some is retained for shampoo. 

A bag of soybeans is about $25.00 and makes gallons of tofu and soymilk. Without being butted or having to put netting around all the trees.

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Glenn said...

No goats required indeed. But, you don't grow the soybeans, not sure you could in our climate. Goats do well here. OTH, I've seen your place and you don't have enough space for the goats, or for that matter, to grow the beans.

Your chickens are looking good though.

After a long fall moulting drought our ducks are laying again. We're cheating and using lights, as we have since last winter. Lost a half a dozen birds this fall though; old age, disease and we think a cougar took our pair of geese. If the orphan survives the winter we'll buy him a couple of wives in the spring.

Boat School Student
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