Friday, April 05, 2013

Diaper Kitty Box?

Fearless letting BlueBear do her job.
We kitty owners all face - THE LITTER BOX. You know how we automatically used sand because that's what cats use outside? By accident, we found out something else that's far easier, neater and cleaner. 

You know how your towels slowly turn ratty? Use them in the litter boxes. Before you gasp WTF? all you have to do every day is shake the solids into the toilet, throw the dirty towel into the wash, wipe out the box a bit, put in a fresh folded towel. Think of it as using a diaper. Keep the ratty towels in a clean, separate pile. No more tracked litter, no more constantly buying and disposing of litter. It really is cleaner and neater. 

And if you have a kitty with one of those sudden housebreaking problems, you can lay a towel where they go, then put it in the box, then start seeing if you can move the box back to a more secluded place. Cats are conservative. They'll put up with anything if you do it slowly enough (and you can see if the urine changes color or has anything to worry about in it).


sledpress said...

Remarkable that you mention this. My Nickel Catmium spent the last five years peeing on bath mats at the foot of the guest bed -- and yes, I agree that it's fairly simple to dump and wash. Though when she suddenly reformed, it was nice to have full use of the guest room (aka the "cat room," "spare room" etc.) again.

Donna Barr said...

Even Dan says he's going to slowly change from litter to towels in the mud room cat boxes.