Monday, April 01, 2013

Smoke Dem Turkeys

Turkey hindquarters smoking.
Dan's not crazy about turkey, or at least the blah commercial kind. But we have one. So I decided to smoke it. 

Rubbed it with home-dried sea salt from the bay, let it set, rinsed it and smoked it.

Smoker, with lid.
Came out pretty tough - I need to let it set in brine, rather than dry salt. But that's okay. Today there's smoked turkey simmering in the beans. So we've decided to dry-smoke any turkeys we get and use 'em like smoked pork. They smell just as good!

And yeah, that's not a very fancy smoker, but according to the Fire Chief it's legal, and we're using it to cook.

And I'd prefer to use the $80 to buy a commercial smoker for DVDs and stuff.


Julie Vaux said...

You need something acidic not alkaline not salt for bird meat? Try a mixture of dry herbs and any fruit juice ideally lime or lemon for the citric acid.

Donna Barr said...

OOh. Noms. But this is my home-made sea-salt!