Monday, May 20, 2013

Sekiu Running Dog

Kim and Petey (with Mom's help).
Will Kim actually breed a dog based on Lab, Cocker Spaniel and Chihuahua? 
Petey, who hangs out at Olson's resort, is black and sweet like a lab, small and big-footed like a Cocker, and has the silky coat of a Chihuahua. He fetches, has a soft mouth, swims like a duck, and is loving but loyal. He can jog for miles, will probably hunt, and can still come in and love on the sofa or a lap without causing pelvic failure. And his huge feet just say "puppy." Yes, that's a full-grown dog.

Kim was wondering what to call it - "Cockalabahua" or something like - but we decided it needed a REAL breed name. 
And now I want a Sekiu Running Dog.

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Glenn said...

Would that be a Seiku Imperialist Running Dog?