Sunday, June 23, 2013

You'll All Be Welcome In Virginia

Crap all over a beach.
People up here are really getting into loving and taking care of the planet they live on. It's amazing to watch their energy. They're rescuing a little river, and picking up the woods.

But we came upon a kids' campfire that looked like it was out of 1954. Garbage all over, burnt bottles and cans, dumb overuse of the wood. Okay, they're kids. But shouldn't kids know better? They have grownups who teach them, right? My mom taught US to pick up after ourselves, on the beaches of Mukilteo and Everett - back when Mukilteo was like out here, before the pulp industry ate it (Paper From Trees is From Stupid People. Period).

Then we saw what these kids had been using for firestarter - pages of a magazine. Kids get magazines from home, where they're received by adults. Take a look at who publishes this magazine. 
Guns and garbage.
Anybody surprised? They talk the talk, but they don't walk the walk. Anybody who claims to "Love America" and want to protect it needs to do better than this. In training their kids in something better than just AIM and believe bullets evaporate (oh, and they all do). And they do everything they can do to keep wiping out native species, like buffalo, wolves and cougars.

They really don't like it here. After all, the English ancestors got here with the hope they'd get to go back and be Dukes with their ravaging wealth - and everybody afterwards mimicked the bad example. WHEN will they ever learn?

And yes, we'll keep cleaning their nasty campsites and picking up their garbage - because WE're grownups. Maybe someday the little babies can be housebroken - or we may have to accept they're mentally limited and have to be treated like the kind of yard dogs who never get to learn how to behave like adults. Butt-wiping of the immature we shall always have with us.

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sledpress said...

Ewwww... were those Lucky Charms in the Ziploc bag? That sugar and dye will rot your brain, it all makes sense.