Thursday, September 12, 2013

Looking Up To Avoid Looking Around

There's that whole "Guv'ment be sprayin' us with poison" thang going on up here right now. Of course, nobody can ever show anything except the usual water vapor from jet engines. This is the same gang goes for space ships and Bigfoot.

Of course, if you're convinced - like Pap Finn - that it's the Guv'ment doing the wrong, you don't have to take any action yourself. You're just a poor victim.

No interest in the spraying of roadside plants, or the fact that Rayonier and pulp mills are grinding down trees and treating them with toxic chemicals - before turning them into products that outgas in their homes, or into toilet paper they daily rub against their delicate genital and anal membranes. No, no chance of toxins ending up in anybody's system that way! 

The whole place is weaving with illness and cancer, and so they look up in the sky and try to blame something that doesn't even exist. Well, why not? Their pastors and priests have taught them the Earth doesn't matter, just invisible things in the sky and their own heads. I don't know if they could build new head files if they tried, now.

How did Americans become such mindless industrial serfs? Oh, never mind - I already know how. I grew up in the pulp and logging industry. No IDEA where an entire population could make heroes out of the chest-puffing young men who don't give a damn about anything but their fancy trucks and girls who don't know any better. I'M not the one, up here, who came up with the term, "Logging Camp Whores." Yeah, keep admiring these bozos, as they rip down your future, and the future of your children.

You're either Green, or you and your family are Ghosts. That's just how it's going to be, and if you can't learn, I don't know if we're even going to bother saying, "We told you so." I mean - why bother talking to the Dead? We don't have to do anything to you, or try to convince you any more. If you want to commit suicide, just keep it up. For too many of you, it's too late. Spaceship earth will keep grinding forward without you, and while me and mine will suffer horribly as she eats the disease out of her system (thank you very fucking much - not), if anybody survives, it will be us - and we'll tell stories of how humanity Did It Wrong the first time.

You'll be Grendel.

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Glenn said...

Funny, I first heard the chemtrails nonsense here from one of our more liberal neighbors. Then she also glossed it over with something about how we'd "evolve" to resist it. She's an odd combination of conspiracy theory and Pollyanna.