Wednesday, September 04, 2013

FutureWin - FutureFail

In the future, those who have a whole forest NOW shall survive.

In the future, those who are clearcutting their forests NOW for short-term gain shall fade and die. 

First, here is the link for articles about the Olympic Peninsula, which is well into FutureFail.

Now, here are FutureFails - and, if we can find them, FutureWins.

First, a link to a FutureWin - Dryad's Rest, which has 30-year-old forests on 59 acres of woods. the healing has begun. Right now, they're struggling with predators around their goats, because the clearcutting is driving animals into their woods. They've realized these animals are refugees, and Dryad's Rest is an Ark.

FutureFail, with clueless human.
Here is a FutureFail. A photo taken in Amanda Park, Washington, of an antique person who has killed a mature predator, modeling himself on a culture hero who took government money to wipe out "vermin" species (with "vermin" defined as anything not on a leash to us). This is probably a refugee woman. These days, everything on the planet is becoming a refugee from us.

Amanda Park shows there is hope.
BUT - here is a FutureWin, and it's in Amanda Park, too. One of the Timberlands Libraries in Amanda Park. The logging industry funds libraries on the peninsula, no doubt believing their workers and readers will become logging clones (loose evidence makes one think the North Olympic Library System only hires from logging families). However, what happens when people can actually read and communicate? Go past the downtown, where the antiques are, and just go here. It's beautiful, and the librarians are lovely, intelligent people. I scared them a bit when I blew in as an Angry Betrayed Daughter of the Pulp Industry. It didn't hurt that one of them was a comics fan, and I run the Clallam Bay Comicon.

More to come! Clallam Bay and Joyce, get ready for a big smack in the head. You earned it.

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