Friday, October 11, 2013

Autumn eats

Autumn goodies
Just a day's harvest around our mini-farm. You don't really need a lot of space to at least start feeding yourself.

Upper left, clockwise:

1. Blue eggs from our four little Easter Egger (Amaracauna/something-else crossbred) hens.

2. Raspberries that took over the sunny side of the shed.

3. Red Flame grapes from the greenhouse.

4. Chanterelles, cleaned, and simmered with butter.

Dinner and desert, for at least a couple of days. Remember, hunter-gatherers worked about 3-4 hours a day. Which is about how long an artist working color can do before the eye perception grays out. The Work Ethic was invented by the people who wanted to do nothing themselves, so they could work everybody else do death. Yes, it was.

If you don't have to kill yourself getting the necessities, you can work all day on what you really want to work on - and working on what you want to work on makes everything work better. There is plenty of food and surplus for everybody, including the young, the elderly and the ill. PLENTY. Enough to go to "waste" and rot back into the earth to feed the plants. I've seen it happen, if we just let nature work. 

Watch the animals in the autumn - they've pretty much done raising the young, and now it's time for food and fooling around, before courtship kicks in. They get vacation, as much as a couple months. They weren't put on the earth to work themselves to death. 

(If you mention honeybees, the workers are clones of the Queen; the Work Ethic works for HER. But you're not a worker bee.)

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