Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Positive Reinforcement.

Okay, time to stop picking on ALL the locals.

The readers of this blog split right down the middle - the ones that want to gut me and take my eyeballs out - and the ones that are cheering, "Go get em! About time SOMEBODY said it!"

But - more and more people up here are getting it. Fishermen are willing to fight to stop catch-and-release. Loggers are beginning to understand careful forest care and the danger of corporations and capitalism. Farmers are making lives better for their animals because their kids are begging them to stop trading off cruelty for profit. Everybody's beginning to realize we CAN have a different future - and whether you believe in an afterlife or not, we have a chance to make heaven or hell right here, where we all are.

People are discovering that being a liberal means being unafraid, all-inclusive, and sharing everything. And the more we share, the more there is. Life should be a party and a journey, not fear and anger. This is a NICE planet - the one we evolved for - and all its creatures should have a chance. 

And... we all know 'em - there's the former bad guys who just want to WIN. And if our side is winning - and folks, just face it, no matter how long it takes, the liberal folks ALWAYS win - there's conversion going on because a lot of Americans just want to be on the winning side.

We CAN be taught.

(And don't come on an start a fight with a liberal, okay? The nice people have learned that it's okay to be pissed off - and not put up with crap. And we're better educated and just plain smarter - and we actually KNOW history, and not some cartoon version of it. We'll embarrass you in public. Don't do that to yourself. Or your family.)

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