Thursday, August 21, 2014

Don't Try Talking Like Liberals

No more chanterelles.


As usual, whatever I loved or used, the clearcutters got it. Then again, I'm not the only one - everybody knows the animals are being driven into the people areas. Owls are getting hit by logging trucks. Bats with rabies flutter down from the hot, dry destruction. No use telling the pro-loggers. They repeat whatever their daddies told them. 

They have no idea that the cycle of logging will just get shorter and shorter, as the vitality in the soil disappears. They don't understand put/take. 

Then we'll have to listen to whining about, "I came up here to log and the work disappeared." 

"Cedar Recovery?" REALLY?
And watch the chipboard houses thrown up all over the place rot on riversides while the owners disappear and nobody buys. Round and round and round she goes.

In the meantime, they think using the right words will make it all better. They're using dictionaries like bandages, and forgetting we can read.

I think that's a dead sea otter, there, the second of two. I hope it's just because the populations are recovering, and with more life you get more death.

"GREEN Crow?" Are we on the same planet?
Then again, at least one drunken moron spends his days ripping around the bay with his boat. Speed? And I mean it both ways. One of our neighbors runs the motor on his bad-bargain boat all the time, gasoline fumes flying out - while smoking. On the one hand, I don't want him to blow himself up. On the other hand, when he does it at 5:00 am.... one cannot help that head file coming up. And if he does, I get paid for news story and photos. I'm only human (I make no comments on other people's genomes).

What's up with people and making as much racket as they can in the forest? I swear, so many people are scared to death of nature. It's our own planet, and so many of us act like terrified Martians. Do they think something will sneak up on them if they're not drunk and raving out there? Not the way humans smell.

Finally got the cheap but sturdy fencing for the Ugly Dog Fence (your choice on which is ugly).

I may put up a bragging sign: "Quieter than YOU." 

Dead Sea Otter #2
Oops. Better check the waffles. Or is it the tortillas? I'm cooking both in the Belgian waffle maker. To go with all the fresh blackberries. Himalayans - juiced for wine, the pulp made into dumplings or just jam.

Who cares about seeds? They're good for old people. FIBER.

Guess we better go find some other Chanterelle patch.

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