Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Black Tomatoes Come To The Peninsula

Black tomatoes ripening.
I was going to write how the Ukrainian Black Tomatoes got to the Peninsula, but not even the person who found them in Seattle with me remembers how that went. 

We were walking around Seattle in Summer or Autumn, 2013. We found a pocket park with a little dead garden at one end. Two or three inky-black tomatoes still clung to dried-out plants. 

Roberta Gregory emailed:

"Hi! I will have to find it again. It was a block or two east of Broadway, around Republican or Mercer or thereabouts.

"I think we had gone out for Pho and were killing a bit of time. 

"Or, was it the time we were going to meet someone at that gay bar off of John street and had stopped in that little Halloween shop on Broadway for a while. That would have made it around this time of year. Funny, I recall the Halloween shop much more than the folks we met up with at the gay bar.

"Think the Pho and the bar were two separate occasions, but now I am not sure. Too much in the (mental) Rolodex."

I think it was the Hallowe'en Shop trip. She's right about time of year. I took the remaining tomatoes, and managed to get two viable seeds, which produced excellently.

Anyway, I'm going to share out the seed tomatoes today at a party. The tomatoes bred true, bear prolifically on a vigorous plant, and are beautiful and utterly delicious. 

Let's hope they take like Ozette potatoes.

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