Monday, January 03, 2011


Lord, sometimes living in the United States of Yokeldom.....

Somebody at either the Clallam Bay or Port Angeles post office picked out three bills from our mail and didn't deliver them.

That's right -- lifted three bills from three different businesses.  Oh, ha ha, let's play with somebody's business mail, shall we?

Right now I'm hitting the USPS main site to "resolve" the problem.  On one hand, the Clallam Bay post office was screwing up our mail back in October, 2005.  This time, since August 2010, we were getting all kinds of mail from other people.  So if any of you are missing bills, you want to be asking the post office where they went.  I know I've seen bills lying on the ground up here; did somebody else get it and just throw it away?

I can tell one of you that I know all about your medical bill at the Forks Hospital.  Opening mail -- as we all do, assuming efficiency -- I found a bill. Examining it, wondering what this was about and why it was over-due, I checked the name.  OOPS.  NOT OUR MAIL.  Again.  I quickly taped the envelope back up in its envelope and wrote "SORRY!" on it.  So one of you up here in Clallam Bay, I know how much you haven't paid and for how long.  Ask the Post Office about that.  I hope you got your mail.  And your bill.

Now, it may be the Port Angeles office that was screwing up, instead.  So one of the two was flipping people's bills around to the wrong parties.  Since we had three bills go missing, I wonder if this was really an accident?  Was somebody at the post office -- well -- going postal?

No wonder so many people hate trees up here.  The trees are smarter.

(Note:  in some places in the old Soviet Union, the mail isn't being delivered, or, if it's making it to post offices, it's just piling up.  The penny post was instituted in Great Britain in 1608; has the post office had its run?  Has email and the internet knocked the postal service off its pins?  Will all packages go through FedEx and UPS -- and any documents through the private document companies whose vans I've recently seen in town?  Nothing lasts forever -- perhaps the post office is being pushed to the edge of the cliff?)

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