Sunday, November 03, 2013

I Can Read Their Minds, Now

A few years back, we helped rescue a dog from an abusive cage situation, by one of the Sheriff's deputies.

The same guy keeps cougar-hunting dogs in the back yard.

And a very cute miniature horse.

I shall now bet a Chinese Dinner that, once the clearcut releases the starving resident cougar, and guts the horse, the guy will use that as an excuse to not only hunt down a refugee bush-meated animal, but will teach his daughter the reason the horse was killed was because predators are evil vermin out to get her favorite pet, rather than that Daddy was a psychotic bully with about as much empathy - and understanding of how the planet actually works - as a crab parasite.

I expect egg-rolls with that, mind you.

Man needs a mirror. And a shot of human DNA more recent than the ice age.

List of idiot excuses for clearcutting; as they read this blog and get more desperate, they start trying to sound Green. Like they have a clue how to do that:

1. The forests are being sprayed with poisons by the government, so the logging companies have to save everybody.

2.  The forests are all going to be killed by the Fukashima radiation spreading across the Pacific, so they need to be cut down now.

3.  Forests need to be managed by humans, because there was no wildlife in them until White People got here.

Oh, poke them, and watch them come up with more excuses. All I know is, in 20 years, when the place is going to pieces again, or they're screaming to be allowed to knock down the national parks, I ain't taking the blame. They made this soup, they can swallow it, without blaming the nearest environmentalist for everything from why they can't get a job to why their kids are all on meth. I'm going to make sure they SWALLOW the soup they mixed up, no matter how hard they whimper. 

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Steve Gilham said...

What quaint peasant superstitons they have in your neck of the woods! A real Green reason for raping American forests is to substitute for burning British coal, as per this BBC story -- Renewable energy: Burning US trees in UK power stations.

You don't get to roll back to medieval practices without getting the same side effects -- in this case, massive deforestation (whereas here in the UK we have more trees than we had 300 years ago).