Friday, May 13, 2005

Kitty Pretty

One step further into helping all these yard/wood/street cats.

I won't say how, but an act of very unexpected and great kindness has provided me with a brand-new Havaheart trap.

As soon as the vet gets back next week, it'll be kitties going down to see him and taken out of the gene pool. By fixing all these guys. They'll be much nicer without all the kittens.

It's not a population control -- up here, there's only one queen and a bunch of toms. If there aren't enough queens to form a kitten-protecting pride, the toms kill the kittens. So no kittens ever survive.

This is a normal population control with cats. But it's upsetting to humans who have to live next to it. We like our peace and quiet.

Pumpkin is healing nicely. Hopefully by next year he'll have lost enough hormones not to get his head crunched open by Goucho -- and Goucho won't feel any need to do it any more.

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