Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Good Morning, Seattle PCC Natural Markets

Sent to PCC this morning:

"Good morning, PCC;

Living in Clallam Bay for 10 years, I still remember PCC fondly from my Seattle days, and appreciate your continuing efforts. 

Reading your latest insert in The Stranger (or it might have been The Weekly; I pick them both up), I discovered the recommendation in "What's in Store."

Under Ganapati Studios and Positively Green, you note, "use paper sourced either from managed forests or post-consumer waste."

"Managed forests" is a prettified term, covering that paper products from wood are always toxic and environmentally heavy. I say this as someone who grew up in the pulp industry. I saw the paint peeling off homes near Scott Paper in Everett, a result of the heavy fumes from the chemicals required to cook down wood to release the pulp fibrers. Not to mention the huge amount of water required in the process.

Paper, pulp, or other secondary products are the worst things we can do with trees. There's little enough actual wood left on the planet, and using every last scrap of a forest, including saplings instead of carefully-managed selectively-harvested adult trees, ignores the fact that trees are a large part of our own survival systems, that include oxygen release, carbon sinks, and planetary cooling. Trees are not corn.

You may not be aware of what is happening on the Olympic Peninsula, right now.

Please, for the good of your customers and all our futures, note these links:

Lollipop law (use of friendly terms to cover dangerous practices):


Out-of-State pulp company, presently tearing through the "managed" State Trust Lands:  

(Note that they have a hunting page AND a real estate page. As soon as animals are driven from their homes, in a state of confusion, hunger and homelessness, they are hunted down - especially cougars. Yes, the bushmeat system - logging then opened hunting - is going on right here on the Peninsula).

For the past couple of years, I've been collecting incidents, photos, etc., on the situation. I am a fiction writer and artist. I admit this is about me writing in a comical style, and not attempting to be a legitimate reporter. But what I've seen, I've seen.  I am serious when I say the next target will be the National Parks. 

Thank you.

Donna Barr
Author of "The Desert Peach" comic book series"

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